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Why PR/ PuRe Hair Extensions?

Are you trying to grow your hair out for a while, and it gets to your shoulders and just stops?

Is your hair long but still looks thin at the ends? Want to stop having thin ends? Do your ponytails look limp and lifeless? Can you see more and more the back of your shirt through your hair? Do you have bald spots and feel uncomfortable?

Hair Extensions are for those who cannot achieve long locks on their own, or are tired of growing out their hair!

If these statements describe your hair in any ways Adding Extensions will give you the volume you desire, covering of thinning areas and even bald spots! 

Make every day a perfect hair day by visiting our hair extensions salon in the heart of Queens.

"Experience our excellent services by booking your appointment now and have your non-damaging extensions application installed same da

Committed to Quality & Healthy Hair Extensions Applications.


We are a certified Hair Extensions Salon located in the heart of Queens with various hair extensions technique and  specialize in healthy hair extensions applications, with more than 20 years of experience in Europe and the US.

We have the ability to provide you same day consultation and hair extensions service with the most affordable rates.

Don't hesitate to contact us and book your appointment with one of our hair extensions technicians that will suite your needs. All of our Technicians are professional licensed cosmetologists. Certified in all hair extensions methods and trained individually from our master technicians in applying all kinds of extensions “in a Healthy non damaging way in your natural hair”.

Our goal as a team is not only to make you feel beautiful but also help you restore your natural hair.


Healthy applications & Top quality is our priority!

 We supply only PuRe Natural Human 100% Remy Hair in all types and lengths for women of every age and nationality. We are the first Hair Extension- Hair Salon in NYC that offers also individual Jewish Hair Extension! Our factories have more than 25 years of experience in the hair industry and they are specialized in Virgin, Remy & moisturized refreshed hair meaning that all the hair cuticles are in the same direction / free from tangle & free from shedding! 

PR / PuRe Popular Extensions Methods

Kera-Fusions / Strand By Strand

Strand by strand method attached by a small Italian

kera-protein bond, that is melted with NON DAMAGE HEAT and coats it to your natural hair. The result are very natural because it blends with your own natural hair. The process takes about 3 hours to apply a full head* and will last for 4-5 months depending on the growth of your natural hair.During those months there is no maintenance needed.Removing the hair extensions is easy! We apply a special gel solution at the kera-protein bonds for few seconds, and the bonds turn to a dusty material and the extensions will be removed.

Microbeads / Mikrolinks

Strand by strand method which involves small loops/ beads clamps onto your natural hair. We thread your natural hair trough a unique ring, and with pliers we clamp the ring tightly to the natural hair.The result are very natural because it blends with your natural hair.The process takes about 2:30 hours to apply a full head. Maintenance is needed every 4-6 weeks. If keeping them longer without maintaining them, they will start to slipping through your own hair or start tangling with your own hair at the base causing knots.The hair might be reusable 6– 8 year depending how careful you will tread it.They are easy to be removed and adjusted to the extensions. 

Tape-In / Seamless

Tape in hair extensions are easily applied without the use of tools.The pre-taped weft of hair is typically sandwiched on either side of the natural hair. Adhering them will not cause any damage to your hair, and the results are seamless. Seamless tape extensions can last about 2-3 months, the hair is reusable up to 1-2 times!  Maintenance is needed every 2-3 months (remove and re-tape the skin weft). You would need about 40 pieces* for a full head application.

The extensions are gently removed using a tape remover.

Beardless Weft


Breadless weft is a method that we attaches weft on your natural hair with out any kind of breads. We offer multiple ways to install weft in your natural hair depending on the texture and quality of your natural hair.

The process takes about 2:30-3 hours to apply a full head* and will last for 2-3 months depending on the growth of your natural hair.

Clip-In / Hand Sewn & Custom Made

Our Clip in hair extensions are all hand sewn and custom made  perfectly match with your natural hair color and style.

Clip-In are fast and easy way to add length and volume in no time!

They are perfect for a few one time events, big parties, weddings etc. However, clip in hair extensions are not designed for every day use or dramatic hair styling.

Removing Extension In TIME!

All hair extensions has an end time or a maintenance time!

Depending the method you will or have chosen.

All kind of extension must be monitored monthly by our technicians and replaced in the amount of time prescribed by your technician, as slipping, knotting or other damage may occur to your natural hair if the extensions become too aged. Monthly monitoring and timely replacement of extensions will actually encourage growth of your own natural hair.

PR / PuRe Services

Organic 100% Natural Remy Hair Extensions

PR / PuRe Hair Extensions Specials

Full Head Tape Extensions


$800 For a full head of natural, Tape / Seamless Hair Extensions  

($1,400 value)

Offer includes:

Installation and 40 pieces of 100% Remy natural tape hair extensions, designed to stay free of damage, tangles & shedding.

Full Head Strand By Strand


$800 For a full head of natural, strand-by-strand Fusion or Microbead Hair Extensions  

($1,400 value)

Offer includes:

Installation and 100 strands of 100% Remy natural hair extensions that are designed to stay free of damage, tangles and shedding.

Half Head Extensions


$500 For a half head of natural, strand-by-strand Fusion or Microbead Hair Extensions  

($700 value)

Offer includes:

Installation and 50 strands of 100% Remy natural hair extensions that are designed to stay free of tangles and shedding.

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PR / PuRe Hair Extensions Care & Polices

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